Five ways that vibrators can help you to reimagine your sex life.

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There’s a revolution going on in bedrooms up and down the country, with couples paying more and more attention to their sex life and how toys can help them. In the past, the use of sex toys was deemed to be wrong and some people incorrectly thought that they were only used by raunchy women who weren’t getting enough sex, but thankfully society has finally started to move on from these outdated ideas.

As attitudes have changed, increasing numbers of couples are waking up to the benefits of using toys. Many are realizing how they can help to improve and rejuvenate your relationship. With that in mind, here are five ways that using a vibrator can help you to reimagine your sex life:

Stir up some excitement

If your relationship has gotten a little stale, introducing a vibrator can help you and you partner explore new areas of sexual pleasure that may have gone untried before. If you have certain fantasies or kinks that turn you on, but you’ve been too shy to bring up, starting by playing with a vibrator can help you to explore, open up new possibilities and widen the excitement that you both get from sex.

Helping partners communicate

One thing people often talk about as being a barrier in their relationship is an inability to communicate with a partner about their sex life and what is good for them. Enjoying time together with a vibrator can help with this. You can help your partner to understand what you enjoy by talking about it and then showing them using a vibrator.

Try new positions

With all the will in the world, sometimes certain sexual positions are hard to achieve. Some people may find it difficult to enjoy new positions without help and others are downright impossible to attempt! Using a vibrator alongside your partner can help you to reach these positions and allows you to try out different things.

Helping everyone to orgasm

Whether you are male or female, the big O can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Having an orgasm during sex is essential to some people and less so to others. Regardless of your preference, some find it very easy to climax with a partner, whilst others can find it extremely tough. Introducing a vibrator can work wonders with this as many people find using them is very beneficial to helping achieve orgasm, through penetration or otherwise.

Health benefits

Studies consistently show that having a great sex life is very good for you. Introducing a vibrator to improve your sex life can boost your mood, help you beat stress and improve your sleep! It has also been proven that using a vibrator can help women to alleviate some period pain and headaches as the endorphins released whilst using a toy can help to counter the pain experienced.

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