Spicing up Your Sex Life with Sex Toys

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Spicing up Your Sex Life with Sex Toys


   Is your sex life getting boring, monotonous, and predictable? Are you and your partner looking for something edgy and racy to liven things up in the bedroom? Are you missing that wild, freaky feeling of unpredictability during sex? If yes, then you should be shopping for sex toys!

   Contrary to the general stereotype that sex toys are meant for singles and should be used alone, there are no boundaries on how you use sex toys and who you use them with. Besides, recent research has shown that couples who use sex toys while having sex are relatively better at giving directions to each other when compared to couples who do not.

   Need another reason to bring sex toys into your sex life? A research carried out in 2017 showed that 37% of women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, and your regular, boring sex does not offer that. Besides, using a sex toy on your partner means that you have the advantage of observing your partner while you pleasure them, so you get to learn what they like and do not like.

   Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, male masturbators… you might be confused about which sex toys  would be best for you and your partner; and I’d say 'this is the time to get innovative and daring.’ Which sex toys do you imagine would be perfect for you and your partner? When you think about sex toys, which ones tickle your fancy? Are you willing to explore and get adventurous with your sex life? And if you’ve been using sex toys before, which ones are you most comfortable with? Together, the answers to these questions will determine which sex toys you get.


   To help you make a decision, I’ll run through a shortlist of sex toys and how you and your partner can make use of them.

  • Vibrators

You can never go wrong with vibrators! Whether it’s a clitoral stimulator, massage wand, or rabbit vibrator, vibrators make sex more fun. While the remote-controlled ones are best when doing it solo, the 'semi-manual' ones give a sense of intimacy. I’d recommend the rabbit vibrator because it stimulates both the clitoris and the g-spot.

  • Male masturbator

An app-controlled male masturbator would be perfect for you and your partner. Some male masturbators simulate the feeling of a blowjob so you be missing out on any part of sex.

  • Paddle

If you’re into BDSM you’re considering trying it out, then you should get a paddle. Not only are they safer than whips, but some are also padded so you do not miss out on the force and pressure while eliminating the pain. It’s just right for beginners.

  • Whips

I do not recommend whips for people who are new to BDSM because before you start using a whip, you must be sure that you have a modicum of self-control, besides you don’t want end up hurting your partner, do you? But if you’re willing to try it, I’d recommend a feathered whip for first-timers.

  • Blindfolds

 You can’t have kinky sex without blindfolds! Silk blindfolds are the best; they are soft against the skin and reduce the chances of chaffing your partner's skin and injuring their eyes.


 As a considerate partner, you should have a lengthy discussion with your significant other before introducing sex toys into your sex life. Learn what they are comfortable with and they are willing to try. Remember, sex is only as much fun as you’re willing to make it.

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