Why should I use a sex toys ?

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The use of sex toys can often be associated with unsatisfaction and unhappy relationships.

What if I told you that a sex toy could be the one of a lifetime powerful weapon to bring self-pleasuring and playfulness to bed? 

Discovering your self-worth and boosting it in a relationship happens to be beneficial in bed. Good sex and self-pleasuring are key to releasing stress, increasing flood of joy; it then boosts your immune system and relaxes the brain. Changing your life. 

Following a study by the University of Newcastle: Sex encourages your creativity and problem-solving skills, as shown, the better sex you will have with your partner the more you will want to have, and therefore the more OxytocinDopamine, and serotonin are released which often referring to as our "happy hormones." Furthermore, when you're attracted to another person, your brain releases Dopamine, your serotonin levels increase, and oxytocin triples.

Who doesn't want to make sex even more fun!? 


Everyone could use more sex— it's a positive initiative, sex toys help lovers spice things up and have a variety of exciting experiences in the bedroom. 

CHANGE your sexual attitude to playful, and your sexual relationship will be more satisfying.



Did you know that through penetrative sex, about 75 % of women can not reach orgasm, and almost 50 % have faked the "Big O" at least once? 

It's true! Your chances of reaching an orgasm increase dramatically if you use sex toys. 

To orgasm, most females need clitoral stimulation. That's why sex toys (especially vibrators) are an excellent way to help you climax. And, for each partner, the best sex includes an orgasm, right? 

No Hurry nor pressure


Many men may feel replaced and ineffective when sex toys are used in the bedroom; however, others feel like they are under pressure to perform. This would certainly make the connection better. 

If you think your girlfriend will be uncomfortable or refuse your idea of using a sex toy, proceed gradually.

Start learning about it little by little in non-sexual circumstances, as well as over coffee. And don't address it as an imperative request of something or nothing. 

Nothing creates more sexual pressure than a lover that dictates, 'Well, here's what we're going to do next."

Sex Toys for Self-abundance and Self-acceptance


Sometimes intimacy issues can be caused by many women that hate their bodies, frequently nudity triggers anxiety, which can be minimized, and intimacy can be improved by using adult toys during masturbation or sex.

Often, intimacy problems can be induced by certain women who dislike their bodies, frequently nude triggers fear, which can be minimized, and intimacy can be improved by using sex toys during masturbation or sex.

When your partner doesn't feel it, allow them to refuse sex toys, but don't lose hope, let the person who refuses adult toys feel like they have the right to reject them. And be willing to abandon the notion entirely. Don't be scared, though, to bring it up again in a few weeks in a different way.


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